Christine Howard

Founder of Mantra Mindset Moments™ and Creator of the Mantra Makeup Mat™


First, I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for being here with me! I am so excited that you found us.  I believe there are no accidents and that you found us for a reason. Whether you received one of our products as a gift and decided to check out this site, or you found this site by a random Google search – I am glad you’re here! I want you to know that we are so much more than just another product!


The Mantra Makeup Mat™ was created during a tough time in my life. I am a true example of what’s possible when we tap into our gifts and talents and use them in productive ways.

Right before my 52nd birthday I was diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer and was in the process of receiving naturopathic treatments. During this time, near the end of my treatments, I experienced another major life event – my marriage blew up! Whew, that was a rough time!!! Not only did I have a decision to make regarding my health, I now also had the pain of facing a divorce.

During this time, I put myself in what I now call a “self-care bubble.” I spent many hours reading, taking yoga classes, meditating, journaling, in conversations with friends that gave me space to mourn, to cry, and to dig deep about my life. It was during this time of self-reflection that created the space for my creativity to be rekindled.

I have always been a creative person. I have had numerous product ideas over the years, but as typical of most people, I simply gave them lip service. Not this time! Somewhere after my first surgery and before my divorce was final, one of my dear friends encouraged me to pursue creating this product I kept talking about – my Mantra Makeup Mat™.

This product represents the light in me! Whether it makes it to Oprah’s infamous “Favorite Things” list, or I sell exclusively online, I have pride in knowing that I listened to that small voice, I stepped up, and I stuck with it to bring this wonderful, beautiful, inspiring product to YOU!

I am grateful for the support and encouragement of my friends and family to pursue this dream to bring this product to the world. To my dear friend Holly, for having a heart-felt conversation with me to begin my work, I am eternally grateful to you for lovingly nudging me into action! I especially want to thank my two children – Ashley and Christopher. Ashley is the co-creator of the Trellis Empowerment design. Thank you honey for sharing with me the design that was calling to you! I am a “proud momma” for having your essence be represented in one of the designs! And huge gratitude to my son, Christopher, for saying “Holy crap! These things are amazing!” when he first laid eyes on the finished product. Thank you son, for your authentic reaction (as always)! I love you both and couldn’t be prouder to be your mom!


  • The launch of a new brand:While using one of my signature makeup mats is a great way to start your day, I’d love for you to stay grounded, connected and confident all throughout your day. Hence the expansion to my expanded brand – Mantra Mindset Moments!  I plan to continue to bring you products that are functional, inspirational and eco-friendly! Living a consciously empowered life takes support and I firmly believe our products will support you in doing that and so much more!
  • Integration of MMM products with my coaching work:One of my favorite things to do is demonstrate the Mindful Moment Radiance Ritual in front of an audience. It’s actually more of an experience we have together!  Look in our news section for upcoming places I’ll be speaking!  With the launch of our new unisex Mantra Mindset Mat I will be teaching this to men as well as women!  You can also get more details on

My calling is to support women in ways that are good for the person and the world and I believe we can do this in simple ways each day.  My Mantra Mindset Moments™ products are amazing tools for women and men to live their most radiant and fulfilling lives!  I am proud to serve you with these products and practices and I am deeply honored to support you in your journey of living authentically, honoring your inner beauty, and pursuing your deepest callings!

Wishing you many blessings today and always –




Mantra Mindset Moments™ is a company dedicated to women's empowerment. We help 21st century women take mindful moments in their day to connect with their worth, own their uniqueness, and celebrate their individuality so that they can live confidently and shine their true beauty. Center. Awaken. Shine.
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